Unique Digiveena Unique Innovations


Digiveena is a unique product, the first of its kind in India.

This is the first synthesiser for Indian music, which can be used to reproduce the finer nuances of Indian music. This invention has been awarded a patent by the Indian Patent office.

Features of Digiveena are:
  Can be used at any pitch without changing strings
  All four strings and tala strings tuned automatically and perfectly on selection of ANY pitch
  Selection of PA / MA for mandara panchamam and taala panchamam strings – PA will change to MA on open string but first fret will still be Suddha Dhaivatam
  String will not change sruti while playing (frequency / sruti will not reduce or increase)
  Gamakam response adjustment – can be set for high response to smaller transverse deflection of finger or small response to more deflection. eg., Selection can be made so that with a moderate pull of string , five-note gamakam can be achieved on the same fret
  Enhanced volume, with the amplifier and speaker built-in to one of the gourds
  Adjustable volume
  Increased sustenance of notes; thus long passages can be played with fewer plucks
  Adjustable ‘sustain’ to suit a user’s style
  8 ‘voice’ choices ( types of sound) – eg Tanjore veena, mandolin, saxophone, flute, etc.
  Fixed frets on a wooden fret board, eliminating the more delicate wax fret board
  No setting of melam. Digitally preset fret positions for perfect frequency of each note
  Built-in electronic tambura for sruti
  Line-out facility
  Complete portability, as the sound box of the veena is dispensed with, and replaced by a detachable gourd with an ampli-speaker
  Easy assembly / disassembly
  Battery back-up in case of AC Mains power failure

Click links below to watch videos of Digital Veena concerts: