Talometer Zx Digital Taala Display


The Talometer Zx was the first of its kind to be invented in India in 1978. It is a must for all instrumentalists and percussion artists.

It is a revolutionary audio-visual instrument that can be set to all the taalas of Carnatic (South Indian classical) music (seven principal taalas viz.; Rupaka, Jhampa, Triputa, Eka, Ata, Matya and Dhruva and five jaathis viz; Tisra, chatursra, khanda, misra and sankeerna). In addition to these, it can also be set to the Chaapu taalas. The Talometer Zx has 2 voices: a sampled natural jalra sound, and a simulated sound.

Other Features are:
  Created by people with musical insight into Indian musicians’ needs
  1 octave pitch range with fine tuning facility
  3 tempo ranges with minute speed adjustment
  Mute facility for any akshara
  Delayed start facility
  Slow speed 2-kalai display provided
  Nadai (subdivision) facility: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
  Programming of Nadai with facility to save program
  Automatic switch-over to batteries on power outage
  Lightweight, sleek superbly designed and engineered cabinet with a handy stand for easy visibility (size:146mm x 110mm x 70mm, weight:approx 0.6 kg)

Plus all standard Radel features:
  Universal Voltage (90V – 260V AC without voltage selection)
  3 year warranty
  Renowned Radel after-sales service