Swarangini Digital, Electronic Tanpura

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Features of Electronic Tambura, Swarangini Digital:

Special Sangat Digital Features:
Product Spec. Weight (0.800 g), Length (18 cm), Height (10 cm) & Width (9 cm)
Original Tanpura Tone Swarangini Digital is the latest electronic Tanpura machine that delivers high quality original Tanpura sound using the latest cutting edge technology.
Individual Volume Control Swarangini Digital in the only realistic sounding Electronic Tanpura to have individual volumes for all 4 strings (PA, Jodi SA 1, Jodi SA 2 & Kharaj) The volume of these strings are automatically adjusted but can also be adjusted as per users requirement.
Capacitive Touch Keyboard Swarangini Tanpura with its cutting edge technology has incorporated the feather touch keyboard. It does not have any knobs or switches, thereby improving accuracy and eliminating transit damage and corrosion.
ABS Plastic Case Swarangini Tanpura is made from ABS plastic which gives it a sleeker look and protects it from the peninsula's climatic wear & tear. The size & weight of Swarangini is about Half that of Raagini.
SMPS, 90V AC to 250V AC Swarangini Tanpura's in-built SMPS, Universal Power Supply makes it possible to run the instrument anywhere in the world with its dynamic input power range of 90V AC to 250V AC.
Auxiliary Stereo Socket Swarangini Electronic Tanpura can be connected to a music system using the stereo auxiliary socket.
Hindustani & Carnatic Playing Styles With the touch of the Style Button Swarangini Digital will play either PA, SA, SA SA (Kharaj) ( 6 Matra, Carnatic music style) or PA, SA, SA, SA (Kharaj) (5 Matra, Hindustani style)
Accurate Pitch Range in Excess of 1 Octave Swarangini Tanpura's super stable, accurate and digitally pitch range spans over an octave covering from A to the B of the next octave. This makes it very versatile to tune with vocalist as well as instrument.
Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad The Swarangini Digital Electronic Tanpura machine comes with easy switch operation for selection of accurately pre tuned Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad.
Manual Nishad Tuning In the case if Nishad, Swarangini Digital Tanpura box also allows you to manually tune the Nishad to adjust to your special needs.
Harmonium like Display Swarangini Tanpura comes with a display that represents the keyboard of the harmonium to specially aid novices in setting the Sur without any hassle at all.
Fine Tuning Swarangini Tanpura is equipped with a digital fine tuning that works with immense precessions for it to tune with your instrument.
In-Built Battery Charger The inbuilt battery charger of the Swarangini Digital, charges rechargeable battery even when the electronic Tanpura is playing, this is displayed by the Charging LED and when the Battery is low on charge the Low Battery LED is switched on automatically.
Auto Memory The memory function of Swarangini Digital helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of fine tuning)
Embroidered Carry Bag The Swarangini Tanpura comes in a beautifully embroidered carry bag for daily use and travel.


1 Year Warranty Swarangini Digital Instrument is warranted against defects arising out of faulty of defective materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


Following are the Instrument & Accessories you will receive on purchase of one unit.
  • Swarangini Digital Electronic Musical Instrument
  • Carry Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC Power Cord (3 Yards)