Swaraavali Music Trainer Unique Innovations


Swaraavali Zx, a 3-in-1 instrument, is Radel’s offering to the music community.

This unique teaching aid plays by itself all the beginners’ exercises in Carnatic music: Sarali varise, Janti varise, Taarasthayi varise, Daatu varise and all the Alankarams prescribed for a beginner. These can be played at any pitch of the user’s choice, at any tempo. These exercises can also be played at three speeds. The instrument can be used either as a swara-exercise trainer or as a sruti box or as a talometer. Thus the student has a guide to the lesson learnt, so that it can be practised perfectly. The teacher who is not fully familiar with the intricacies of classical music also has a handy reference in this product.

Features of Swaraavali Zx are:
  4 choices of tones are provided
  An LCD display shows the exercise selection, pitch selection, tempo selection and also the swaras as they are played
  Facility to change the raga is provided
  Facility to create a swara-pattern is provided, so that a student can also practise any swara-pattern as desired
  Memory facility is provided
  A built-in basic version of the Talometer and sruti box are also provided
  Universal voltage – operation on any voltage between 90V ~ 260V AC or on batteries