Sunadavinodini Veena Electronic Veena


Sunadavinodini is a completely self-contained, portable electronic veena that can be assembled or dismantled in seconds.

With the Sunadavinodini electronic veena, the vainika can easily carry the instrument anywhere, assemble it in seconds, and enjoy the music that he/she creates with the enhanced possibilities provided. The new model is specially designed so that the fretboard case and the gourds case are within the dimensions allowed for check-in baggage on international airlines.

Features of Sunadavinodini are:
  Enhanced volume, with the amplifier and speaker built-in to one of the gourds
  Built-in electronic tambura for sruti in the other removable gourd
  Authentic sweet veena sound
  Adjustable independent volume control for main and taala strings
  Increased sustenance of notes; thus long passages can be played with fewer plucks
  Adjustable frets on a wooden fret board, eliminating the more delicate wax fret board
  Frets can be adjusted easily by the user
  Guitar-type keys for easy and accurate tuning
  Complete portability, as the sound box of the veena is dispensed with, and replaced by a plank of wood. Easy assembly / disassembly
  Can be used on battery in case of AC Mains power failure.

Size and weight:
  Fret-board:1250mm x 270mm x 70mm, Wt: 3kg
  Amplispeaker gourd:250mm (circumference) x 260mm (height), Wt: 1.24kg
  Tambura gourd: 250mm (circumference) x 260mm (height), Wt: 1.94 kg

The Sunadavinodini comes with free soft carry bags – one for the fretboard and one for the 2 removable gourds. For orders from overseas placed on our website, a special hard case is provided additionally, free of cost. For orders placed in India, if the travel hard case is required, it is available at extra cost, and can be ordered right here on our website (under ‘Accessories‘ in Product Category).

The dimensions comply with baggage allowances on international airlines:
  One Fretboard case: 43.75in(L) + 13in(W) + 5in(H) = (added together) 61.75in
  One Gourd case containing both gourds: 27in + 15in + 12in = 54in
  Total dimensions of 2 pcs: = 61.75in + 54in = 115.75in (allowance is total of 118in for 2 pcs)

Plus all standard Radel features:
  Universal Voltage (90V – 260V AC without voltage selection)
  3 year warranty
  Renowned Radel after-sales service