Saarang Sparshini Dx Digital Tanpura


The Saarang Sparshini Dx is an artistic digital tanpura with a grand stage presence and an exquisitely crafted cabinet.

It has beautiful resonating natural tanpura sound using the latest sampler technology, and can be used as a 4 or 5 string tanpura. The Sparshini has automatic tuning of 4 notes, and manual tuning of 5th note. The unique feature in the Saarang Sparshini is the touch-sensitive string sensors – it can be plucked and played like a traditional tanpura. A perfectly tuned note is produced on touching each string.  It can however also be used as an automatically played tanpura. Auto tuning of all 4 notes has been provided in both modes of operation.

Other features are:
  Ideal for use by professionals in concerts
  Looks and sounds like a traditional tanpura
  An extra speaker in the stem extension provides sound at ear-level
  Ideal also for yoga and chanting groups and for meditation groups
  Built-in battery facility with automatic switch-over to batteries in case of power failure

Plus all standard Radel features:
  SMPS Universal Voltage – Allows use on any voltage between 90V~260V AC without the need for a voltage adaptor.
  ASDM – Auto-save dual memory automatically saves selected settings and allows one more choice of settings to be saved
  3 year warranty
  Renowned Radel after-sales service.